Blinn ADN Spring 2017

  1. Hey all,

    Just applied for Blinn college's spring 2017 nursing program. I just wanted to get some more info on how long it will take to find out if I'm in or not. Also if you were or are in Blinn's nursing school and have any tips or any insight about how it is that would be very helpful! Thanks!!
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  3. by   Winstongirl
    Hi! I applied for Spring 2018 and I’m wondering how long it took you to find something out from them?

  4. by   carkey765
    I totally meant Spring of 2018!! I just applied too. Im super nervous! From the other blinn posts it seems like they send out preliminaries either October or November!
  5. by   Winstongirl
    Awesome! Good luck to you. ������������ I applied with 34.5 points so I am hopeful.
  6. by   blondiefuturern
    Hi! I am applying too! What did you guys make on your TEAS? I applied with 32 points, and I hope it is enough to keep me competitive!
  7. by   Brandon_Hare
    I also applied for Spring 2018. I was accepted to a BSN program this week, so will most likely decline Blinn if I am lucky enough to get a spot. I applied with 36.4 points.
  8. by   blondiefuturern
    I just got an email that says we should know our status in 2 weeks!
  9. by   Winstongirl
    Did you get in on personal email or blinn email? I haven't received it yet.
  10. by   Brandon_Hare
    Quote from Winstongirl
    Did you get in on personal email or blinn email? I haven't received it yet.
    Same question since I didn't receive an email either.
  11. by   mtroyse92
    I got the email on my personal email. Good luck to you!
  12. by   Winstongirl
    Well I haw still yet to receive one. Hopefully this is not a bad sign.
  13. by   mtroyse92
    I don't think it is at all, they haven't even looked at the applications yet. The email said that they would review apps sometime next week and we should have an answer by the end of next week. I would check both your personal and your school email.
  14. by   Winstongirl
    No I agree the email is a great sign. But me not receive one is strange. Still haven't gotten one today. Checked both emails.