best online rn-bsn program, maybe msn?

  1. Iowa/IL RN looking to narrow down my list of online universities for rn-bsn (possibly a msn in future) and am overwhelmed!
    there are so many schools and opinions. I cannot clearly understand what is marketing vs a great education/experience any longer!
    I need some help from my fellow nurse adult learners. I would like a school that is online, affordable, organized, accredited and reputable! Is that too much to ask...It seems so.
    WGU is out because I can't take the chance on their passing system. Walden is a possibility. Seems like a lot of nurses go to excelsior?
    Then there is the local universities. I started at Western Il university BSN online program and withdrew due to its disorganization and confusion. Basically a dog and pony show - didn't want to spend the next 2 yrs of my life like that.
    ANy good experiences with online bsn/msn programs out there?
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  3. by   Lola Lou
    I would suggest the online RN to BSN program offered through the University of Maine, Fort Kent. Online Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing - University of Maine at Fort Kent While I didn't do the online program (I completed the accelerated program) I feel that the UMFK nursing program is high reputable and also accredited. Obviously I'm biased but at least this is one more option for you to check out. My mom completed the online RN to BSN program through Chamberlain college and then bridged in to the master's program. I know that the Chamberlain program is super expensive. Good luck with your search!
  4. by   livrn
    thanks for the great insight! this is exactly what I am searching for. I will look into fort kent. chamberlain is out of my budget lol
  5. by   Lola Lou
    You're very welcome! Shoot me a message if you need any specific info that the website doesn't offer. I graduated from UMFK this past May so I'm still current on most topics regarding the program.