Bergen Community College - Spring 2019 Evening Nursing

  1. HESI or TEAS?

    Hi everyone,

    I am currently a part-time BCC student. Anyone here planning to apply for the Nursing-Evening program (deadline Oct 1, 2018)? I am going to attend one of the information sessions this summer, but I was wondering what admission test is required? HESI or TEAS?

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  3. by   yjiwon939
    I am also going to apply for Spring 2019 Nursing Evening program. I was in the evening program back in 2014 but was dismissed by a couple of points. Regardless, the admission test used to be HESI but now they are using the TEAS. From what I can gather from previous test takers, the average seems to be around the mid 80's. Good luck
  4. by   fumbler1
    Thanks for the info yjiwon939! I was just confused because, on the discussion boards, some BCC applicants mentioned HESI and other discussed TEAS. Thanks for clearing that up. Good luck to you as well!
  5. by   yjiwon939
    No problem. Let me know if you have any other questions about Bergen though most of the information I give might be outdated.
  6. by   yjiwon939
    Update: Bergen is now accepting applications for 2019 evening nursing. Make sure you apply!
  7. by   alz86
    Hi everyone! I'm also a part time student at Bergen looking to apply for spring 2019!
  8. by   Amj_
    How long does it take for admissions to get back to you after the application process?
  9. by   yjiwon939
    after the last day of the TEAS exam, it takes about two weeks or more for response.
  10. by   MissRN2019
    Hi everyone. Am planning on applying for the spring 2019 too. Has anyone been able to attend the information session, or planning on doing so? I am away until the 1st of September (I am far far away) so I can't make the August15 one. If anyone has attended or is planning on attending I would appreciate if they could share what information was shared. Thank you.
  11. by   yjiwon939
    Hey, welcome!

    No I have not been able to attend the information session but from what I hear, the program hasn't changed much from when I was in the program previously. I could shed some light on any questions you have but please keep in mind that I was in the nursing program in 2014 for a year before stopping so take my info with a grain of salt.
  12. by   MissRN2019
    Hi yjiwon939, thanks, I really appreciate your response and help. So basically for now we just fill the online application and wait until they contact us about 2 weeks after the deadline? And just to be sure, the application is the Health professions Spring 2019 one on hobsons radius?
  13. by   yjiwon939
    Im not exactly sure what hobsons radius is but the application should be nursing evening spring 2019. My process was through the Bergen website. After applying for Bergen, I filled out a change of curriculum form on the website.

    Yes, it should take about a week or 2 after the deadline to hear back. From what I remember, as long as your prereqs are all in and in good standing, you should receive an invitation to apply for the TEAS exam.
  14. by   Asavrv
    Hello, I have a question regarding the nursing program in bergen. I am currently in PCCC & have finished all my prerequisites. I wanted to apply for the program but wanted to know if i needed to take the TEAS again? i have already taken the TEAS and scored a 91.
    If anyone can please help me out? Thank you!!