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  1. Hi all. I am new to all nurses.

    Currently, I am interested in ADN/BSN programs. I'm from the Bay Area and I know it is just super impacted.

    This would be my first degree if given the opportunity to be accepted into a program. I am currently 21 y/o.

    I currently finished my science pre-reqs with the exception of Micro, which is currently in process, I finish in December. I am a little concerned about my science GPA because it is between the 3.2-3.3 range. When I noticed that, I knew the issue and it was Chemistry, which I got a C in. I plan on retaking another Chem class to boost my GPA. The previous chem class I took was Biochemistry from 6-10pm no breaks.. LOL. All my other classes including Stats, Critical Thinking I received good grades. Once I complete everything and take another chemistry class, my science GPA should be 3.5 and overall 3.7.

    I also have been working at Kaiser for a year now. I am not within direct patient care, but I do work in urgent care. I also work in different departments like Nephrology and with Peritoneal Dialysis patients. I have some volunteer experience, but am looking to gain more volunteer experience while I wait to apply. I also understand and can read another language fluently. And aside from that, I have professors and healthcare professionals I can go to for letters of recommendation.

    Also, my father had pancreatic cancer, which also contributed to my strength and motivation to work within the healthcare field. It is very interesting.

    I also have not taken my TEAS yet, but after reading I am anticipating to get a grade of 80+. I am looking to taking the test in January.

    I am looking at CSUEB, SF State, Samuel Merritt, USF, and ADN programs like CSM, CCSF, Ohlone, Merritt.

    Any suggestions or recommendations, please let me know. Also I'd love to know what stats you guys have as well, it is always helpful.
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