Austin Community College ADN Fall 2018 - page 4

I will be applying to the Austin Community College Nursing ADN program for the Fall 2018 start. Anyone else applying? How is your ranking looking so far? If I calculated right, my ranking is 35. I... Read More

  1. by   AlishaG07
    Has anyone heard anything yet?
  2. by   Kc0523
    No. I don't think anything has been sent to any traditional track applicants (besides the ranking score). I figured if they were running behind on their "May 18 date" they would at least update the application status page to tell us all that it will be a later date. I have a good feeling though that we all get in. Good luck everyone!!! I know, the anticipation is intense! lol
  3. by   kristina4258
    They just updated the website. It now says we will know by today.....hopefully!! Good luck everyone!!!
  4. by   kmstudy
    Just received my acceptance email! Anyone else?
  5. by   AlishaG07
    I got in!! Good luck everyone I hope y'all get a message too!!
  6. by   kmstudy
    Did yours say PROVISIONAL acceptance?
  7. by   NatC519
    What was your final rank?
  8. by   AlishaG07
    Yeah. It means you have to pass drug test, nursing skills and all that
  9. by   bec92
    I got in!!
  10. by   kmstudy
    Congrats to everyone! I'm hoping for EVC.
  11. by   Marie’
    Does anyone know when we will get the campus assignment?
  12. by   AlishaG07
    Should be today! That's what it said in the email
  13. by   teriberry
    Hey Everyone!

    Congrats to those who got accepted for Fall! I'll be going to EVC and wondering if anyone has created/joined a group on FB for Fall 2018? It'd be nice to meet some classmates before the semester starts