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I don't see a group yet started for admission to the Fall 2018's Augusta U MSN/CNL program. I have read through the forum of the Fall 2017 group and it seems to have been very informative! I am... Read More

  1. by   ENNY
    @2ndcareermsn I feel you on the MAT it is very verse and you can not study hard enough for ( not to discourage anyone) , but a lot of people prefer to do the GRE I did the MAT and it was heart aching! I think I will lean more on the GRE( my opinion), well all the best in your classes. What was your undergraduate degree and also so you know Athens is very competitive and they take less students. I believe you can still apply without being done with your prerequisites and your MAT/GRE score! All the best! See we all in the same boat! Any medical experiences for you?
  2. by   ENNY
    The application for Fall 2018 entry into the MSN Clinical Nurse Leader program with Augusta University will open in NursingCAS on September 1. We do encourage you to apply early!

    What can you do to prepare?

    Be sure that you have achieved our minimum required score on either the GRE or MAT.


    Be sure that you have a plan to complete the required prerequisite courses.
    Admissions Requirements

    Review information about the RN and CNL roles in healthcare.
    CNL Role FAQ

    We have a new website address! Please update any bookmarks: Clinical Nurse Leader Pre-Licensure Program

    If you have any questions about the program or admissions process, please visit our FAQ or send an email to
  3. by   2ndcareermsn
    Yes about the MAT! It seems simple but I think the GRE is nice since they give you more context clues on verbal. I have been spending a lot of time (read most) prepping for verbal section and need to prep more for math. I am using Magoosh to prep for the GRE and I like it so far. A lot more affordable then Kaplan and other programs. The plus to the MAT is its only one hour vs four! My undergraduate degree is in English. In high school I took a lot of health occupations courses and actually completed a CNA program. I worked in a hospital during college some as a patient care tech and have about 500 hours of direct patient contact hours from that. I have been working for two medical doctors and a nurse for the last four years. We are not a clinical practice but a research group. I am their assistant. So I deal with a lot of medical records and stuff and its really interesting.
  4. by   ENNY
    Awesome! Am sure with your degree in English you should get a higher score in the English part on the GRE. Well I got the Kaplan book in the library to study for the GRE there is also a guy on YouTube that make the GRE very easy will try and get the link for you! All the best!
  5. by   ENNY
    Hello everyone please has anyone applied, what do we need to look out for? Do you have to have your essays, scores etc ready to apply? Are you able to see your GPA after applying? Thanks!
  6. by   Jacayla
    @ENNY I have started my application. You do not have to have completed your essay nor scores to start the application. BUT we will have to have everything completed before the application is sent to Augusta University. I have not completed my application so I do not know if they GPA will come up afterwards.
  7. by   ENNY
    Wow! That is good so all you did was pay for the application? Where you able to see where you can attach your resume, essays, references etc? Thanks!
  8. by   2ndcareermsn
    Yes. You create your NurseCAS account select the program and it lets you start entering everything. Also lets you go ahead and enter essay upload the cv etc. you don't pay until you submit it once everything is done. You send transcripts to NurseCAS directly. I think if your degree is out of country you have to first send it to a company to do a degree equivalency but that info is on Augusta website. You can put in your GRE scores but they have to be sent directly to Augusta.
  9. by   ENNY
    Hi, you mean we don't pay until we are done putting in everything.. I thought you pay first? Can you find out what your GPA is after applying? Thanks!
  10. by   NurseNancyToBe
    Hi guys. I'm also planning to apply to the program. I've started working on my application. I'm currently taking micro and psychology. Planning to take chemistry in the spring which will complete all my prerequisites. It's hard to believe the time is here!!!
  11. by   nana ofori
    Hello guys:
    Similar to everyone, I am excited about the CNL program especially that of ASU. Since the application process just started, am also reviewing everything that nursingcas is demanding. I wish everyone all the best in this process.
  12. by   abrowniee
    I have heard that around 300 people sometime more apply
  13. by   ENNY
    Hello has anyone submitted their application? After submitting you cannot edit most of your information, including questions and answers and completed coursework. Sounds scary!!