APU ELM Fall 2017

  1. Good morning!

    Has anyone heard back from Azusa Pacific for the Fall 2017 ELM program?

    Thank you and have a wonderful thanksgiving holiday
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  3. by   Sweetmemi
    They were calling last week for interviews. I had one scheduled for this one but I heard back from another school with an acceptance. Part of me wanted to keep the interview just to see my options but I only had a few days to accept/decline the first school. APU was def my second choice though
  4. by   Sunnysd5
    Wow! Congratulations and thank you for the info! Im wondering if they have started sending letters? Anywho thanks again for responding and good luck!! Wonderful news for you!!
  5. by   Sweetmemi
    I think they are doing interviews up until The week of Dec 6 or the week after. I applied last year for Fall 2016 and i didnt hear back until late Jan

    And thank you!
  6. by   Atemplo
    I have my interview today. I'll let you know how it goes!
  7. by   Sunnysd5
    Holy moly that's great!!! Good luck!
  8. by   lhy11
    Hi there! Can you tell us details regarding the interview? Tips? expectations? Hope it went well! I have one next tuesday!
  9. by   Frontier
    I had my interview at the main campus two days ago. It went just like the previous post said, in a relaxing and friendly setting. After you are done with the free writing essay, one professor will go through your application, telling you what courses you are stilling missing. The professor will also ask you some standardized questions like why nursing, why APU, etc.
    That's it! The whole process took me about 30 minutes with the professor. Don't worry too much. Good luck everyone!
  10. by   icmarr
    Hi everyone, I'm also applying for APU ELM Fall 2017. Has anyone heard back from APU? I interviewed Nov. 18th at the main campus as well. My interview process went exactly how Frontier described it. Thank you!
  11. by   Frontier
    Not yet. The professor said that the result would come out before Christmas, or at the latest, by the end of January. God bless!
  12. by   lton
    Hey there! I interviewed at main campus on Nov. 22 and she told me the committee would be meeting Dec. 10th and that we will be notified before the Christmas break! I hope this is true and that we don't have to wait until end of January :/
  13. by   Gabyc1230
    I had my interview on Dec, 7th and they told me the committee was meeting on the 12th to decided who gets in where. My interviewer also mentioned that we should hear back by mid January. But I honestly hope it's sooner than that. Best of luck to everyone!
  14. by   Frontier
    Thank you for sharing and good luck! Which campus did you apply? Did you also apply for the main campus?
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