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Hi! I wanted to start a thread for people applying to Azusa's upper division transfer 2+2 program for Spring 2019! I just submitted my application with a 3.81 GPA from my BA and so far 4.0 in... Read More

  1. by   MissConfused
    Oh okay, thank you!
  2. by   MissConfused

    I'm honestly surprised I got called. Compared to some of the other people here my GPA was not as high as theirs. I believe my overall GPA was between a 3.3-3.45(?) and my science GPA was a 3.2. Perhaps my extra curricular of volunteering at a hospital has helped or if my essay was strong. I'm not a straight A student but I do well with both A's and B's. So...if you have a higher GPA than mine you're probably okay lol.
  3. by   Hcarlos206
    Hi everyone , I applied for spring 2019 also. I just received a call today for an interview in a couple weeks. Hope all goes well!
  4. by   josephineyip7
    Hi y'all! I recently got my interview date last week! <3 I'm super nervous but veryyyyy excited Hopefully I get to meet all of ya!
  5. by   Naijanurse96
    Has anyone heard anything yet?
  6. by   et1985
    Hi Naijanurse96

    No call back yet.