AP/ CLEP Credits for Texas Nursing Schools

  1. Hello,
    I am a nursing school hopeful hoping to be admitted for a first degree BSN program for the fall of 2014 and I was wondering how AP (advanced placement)/CLEP credits work for Texas Nursing Schools: Specifically, UTHSC-Houston, TWU-Houston and UTMB. The current university that I am studying at for pre-nursing pre requisites has exempt me from these courses on my official transcript. I've seen people on the forums who have applied to UTHSC that had gotten their AP credit awarded to them on the transcript evals the first time and some people who didn't get the credits awarded to them on their transcript evaluations the first time and had to call the registrar. I'm really confused on how these credits work.

    This would be highly important for me to know as quite a bit of my prerequisite courses have been exempt due to these credits. Thank you!
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