Anyone applying for Cypress College for Spring 2017

  1. Hello Future Nurses!

    I am applying to Cypress College ADN program for the Spring 2017 semester. Are you?
    The on line application date is from September 1st to 10th only and than you can walk-in two copies of each of your official transcripts to the office by Oct. 1st or so.

    I have heard good things about this program and have a friend went through the program at age 48 or so. Use address below for more info!

    Registered Nursing

    Getting into Nursing School is tough, but we have to be tougher and NEVER EVER GIVE UP on what we want. I will not regret not becoming an RN one day because soon enough I will be an RN!

    You are all in my prayers! YOU CAN DO THIS! NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD and I believe and have seen in my own life that GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES!
    So...take those classes, repeat them if you have to, kick butt and get A's and B's, and fill out those Nursing Applications!

    I have seen too many people change their majors just because they are failing Chemistry or another class in the middle of the semester, its rediculous. Let us never give up on our dreams and what we know that we are called to do! YOLO! (you only live once!)


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  3. by   Thaokate Bui
    Hi Determine33,

    Thank you for your words. I applied today.

    I heard my friend said this is very tough program, so I am confused a little.

    Does Cypress receive the apps twice a year or once a year? anyone knows?

    Thank you and good luck guys.
  4. by   Determined33
    Dear Thaokate,

    Thank you for responding!! Congrats on completing your application! I just submitted my application this evening. Cypress does accept applications TWICE a year so that is great for us! If you click on the link that I originally posted and than on the left hand side click on Registered Nursing Brochure and that will confirm it for you.

    If you haven't been able to already, I recommend that you read through all of the many informative topics along with the documents that are available. It helped me greatly and I think it will help you have a better understanding as well.

    In regards to the program being tough- ALL Nursing Programs are tough, but don't let that intimidate you for a second! It is worth all of the hard work, effort, and sacrifice you will be making, and if you really want to be a nurse to help and heal people than you will be successful!

    I was in a 4 year BSN Nursing program with 1.5 years to go and I did not make the 80% average necessary for the Mid Term, Final and 3 quizzes; I ended up with a 77% average in Med Surge. So, yes it was extremely hard but I learned and experienced so much! I am also a person that needs to put in more time to study and typically work harder than others, and I know it, and that's okay!

    Some classes will be easier than others, but you will always have to put the time in and make Nursing your priority. We are going to be saving lives and we need to know what we are doing.

    I hope this helps you as I want to encourage you and anyone else who may be struggling to keep on keeping on no matter what! That is exactly what I am continually striving to do!

    We can do this!

    Prayers for you and all!


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  5. by   Determined33
    Correction on my initial posting: You only need to walk-in ONE COPY of each of your Official Transcripts. The reason I thought you needed two copies is my friend attended the free nursing workshop and it was recommended that you use an official copy for yourself to complete the online application as you will be inputting several course codes/names. However, if you have access to your unofficial copy you can just use the information from there as it should be the same (feel free to confirm that by calling the Admissions office of the school you are requesting it from). I don't want us to spend more money than we have to on ordering transcripts.
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  6. by   Nugget8
    Hello! I submitted my application on Sept 1st. I just wanted to note that Cypress College only accepts applications once a year (Sept 1-10), which will be used for both the Spring and Fall cycles.
  7. by   Thaokate Bui
    Thank you Determine and Nugget.
    Determine, I think you will do great in the nursing program because you have learned some subjects already.
  8. by   lkr930110

    I just turned in my online application on September 5th.
    Does anyone know the usual statistics for getting into the program?
    I'm getting different answers from the counselor and my friends.
    I currently have 29 points because I'm taking communication right now... and I have friends who were put on the waitlist with having 30 pts and counselors telling me that anything above is 27 points is considered competitive..?
  9. by   Thaokate Bui
    The maximum point is 30. I am shocked that your friend did not get in.
    I think it depends on applications for each year.
  10. by   Nugget8
    I read the forum from last year and it seems like some people with 28 points were initially put on the alternate list and eventually got accepted! Hopefully this won't be the year when people with 30 points get put on the alternate list...
  11. by   lkr930110
    I just went into the office to turn in all my documents and I told the guy taking my application about my friend who didn't get in, and he said there is a high chance that he might not have received all the 30 pts because he didn't fill out the application correctly. Because someone with high points like 28,29,30 points is always regarded as a competitive applicant is evaluated throughly.
    Also, it looks like not that many people are completely done with turning all their required documents. Since, cypress only starts reviewing the application once they have all the documents. I guess it's best to turn everything in as soon as possible, and incase there is a hiccup with your documents for some reason you would at least have enough time to get those documents fixed before October 3rd.

    P.S. the application results come out on Dec. 5th via email.
  12. by   Nugget8
    I hope none of us made that mistake ...I should have 30 points and have turned in all of my documents. Now all that's left is the wait. I hope we all get accepted!
  13. by   ybooze01
    I turned my application in as well on the first of September and just took my transcripts in today. I am also 45 years old- I believe that you are never to old to learn. i'm currently an LVN but I've always wanted to get my RN. I pray that we all get in and start and finish together.
  14. by   lkr930110
    Did anyone get an email about the cypress college cnsa nursing fair 2016???