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Hello Future Nurses! I am applying to Cypress College ADN program for the Spring 2017 semester. Are you? The on line application date is from September 1st to 10th only and than you can walk-in... Read More

  1. by   kateji
    Hi, Jennmerr77
    I believe I had 30 points.
  2. by   minnie88
    Hi, Jennmerr77

    I'm also an alternate for the spring.. but i'm keeping positive . Did cypress let you know where you are on the alternate list?
  3. by   jennmerr77
    No they wouldn't tell me. I emailed the health science people and the counselor and both said we will find out at the meeting. Did you happen to find out from them?
  4. by   minnie88
    No I haven't reached out to the health science department yet.. Do you think we will find out the day of orientation??
  5. by   jennmerr77
    Yeah that's what the counselor said. She said all of our alternate questions will be answered at the orientation. Never heard of a school not telling you your alternate # but what can ya do lol.
  6. by   minnie88
    True. Well hopefully we will find out soon enough.
  7. by   jennmerr77
    Yep Did you apply to any other schools? Get accepted anywhere else?
  8. by   minnie88
    No. I only applied to cypress because the application cycle opens up before other schools and they don't require the teas until after you've been accepted. Did you apply to multiple schools??
  9. by   jennmerr77
    Yeah I applied to Rio and Santa Ana. I am an alternate at Rio but want Cypress because it's much closer. I had to take the TEAs for Rio so I have that done. But I'm being super impatient about Cypress lol
  10. by   minnie88
    I know the feeling wish we could find out already! In the mean time I'm looking forward to orientation
  11. by   lkr930110
    For those of you who got accepted, are you guys buying the textbooks as new or used?
  12. by   Determined33
    Hello Fellow Future RN's,

    I know it has been awhile since I started this post and last commented. School and work have been very time consuming as expected! Thank you all for your replies and comm ents and helpful tips. I love the AllNurses Community!

    Congratulations to all of you who made it into the program and to those who made it on the Alternate list! That is so awesome! When you start please put your all into the nursing program, you may miss out on several things for the next two years, but it will be worth it and YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!

    I have good news and not so good news in my case: I did not get in as a first semester student to the RN program, however, I AM ON THE WAITING LIST to start in the second semester as I was accepted as a Transfer Nursing Student from my previous Nursing Program, YAY! Essentially, when a spot opens up for for me I will start and be done in 3 semesters. I don't know when a spot will open up, but I know it will eventually! I am really excited and I am starting to review for Med Surg and other nursing classes. Nurse BASS on YouTube has a good video on how to study for Med Surge, I took notes and it was a great review for me since I have already taken it.

    The Nursing Director, Nursing Academic Counselor and Nursing Front Office are very helpful. They want to help us succeed and it is important that we take Nursing School seriously and make sure that it is what we really want and we are not trying to be a nurse to please someone else.

    To be a Nurse is a Calling, I truly agree with this. One of my dear friends who is an RN shared this with me about 6 years ago when she knew I was going back to school to truly pursue a Career as an RN. We met as Medical Assistants several years ago and she was one of my Preceptors (Trainors). She was always very encouraging to me to pursue my ADN.

    I want to continue to encourage you, again as in my previous posts, please never ever give up on your dreams, and if your dream is to be a nurse, please keep on keeping on you will get there! As this same RN friend that I mentioned above said to me, when I had struggles and needed to change nursing programs, she said "you just have to get on the right train." For me that means I needed to find the program or the right route to becoming a nurse, for some that means becoming a CNA, MA, or an LVN first (ROP has an excellent 13-14 month LVN program in Orange County, CA: cost about $13,000. note: by 2018 they plan to be approved to accept financial aid through FAFSA). For some that may mean going out of state, or getting a job as a CNA or MA and than getting nursing school paid for from your employer, or finding a great bridge program that they offer to go from becoming an LVN to an RN etc.

    Last tip: If you are interested in applying for the SAC- Santa Ana College Nursing program: if you work at St. Joseph's in Orange County (any position- even housekeeping/cooking etc.) and you meet all of the requirements, you will get priority. They offer the employee's night classes and weekend clinicals so that you can keep working while you go to school.

    If you are interested in working as a CareGiver (CG) for this company let me know- message me privately if you can and want more info. If you are a nursing student, a CNA, MA, or have had good experience being a caregiver for a family member, this may help you get hired. Basically, I would explain a CG is someone who knows how to do the basics of a CNA as in a nursing home or hospital- ADL's- Activities of Daily Living, etc.

    Sending my encouragement and prayers to you! We are on the same team, never forget that, competition will only take you so far, be competitive in getting awesome grades and practical nursing experience, but once you have applied and are in the nursing program, help eachother out- help eachother succeed. We never need to step on someone else to get ahead in life, but we can always use and appreciate the help of others to succeed and be the best we can be! Receive the help and Pay it Forward, you will be blessed and rewarded for it in more ways than you can imagine.

    Take good care of yourself as we can't take care of anyone else if we don't take take care of ourselves first...


  13. by   msbunnilee
    I applied and I got in for Spring 2017. Good luck for as an alternate, I was told that sometimes all the alternates can make it in, or if not, then good luck for the next application!