Anyone applying for Cypress College for Spring 2017 - page 3

Hello Future Nurses! I am applying to Cypress College ADN program for the Spring 2017 semester. Are you? The on line application date is from September 1st to 10th only and than you can walk-in... Read More

  1. by   jennmerr77
    Oh ok, I was told first week of Dec. when I turned the info in. But a few people said they were told the week of Thanksgiving. Hopefully they get it in sooner rather then later. The wait is absolutely killing me haha!
  2. by   jennmerr77
    Just got the email that I am an Alternate :/. I emailed them to see where on the list I am. I got into Rio Hondo so if I am low on the alternate list at Cypress then I am going to go to Rio.

    Did any of you get accepted?
  3. by   lkr930110
    I lied... I just got an email saying I got accepted into the program
  4. by   jennmerr77
    Congrats that's awesome!!
  5. by   Thaokate Bui
    I got accepted
  6. by   jennmerr77
    Yay!! Congrats!!
  7. by   Thaokate Bui
    Thank you Jennmerr77 <3
  8. by   Thaokate Bui
    Does anyone get accepted into Fall 2017 as well, thank you?
  9. by   Nugget8
    I got accepted for Spring!
  10. by   kateji
    I got accepted for Spring~! Thank God!!
  11. by   jennmerr77
    How many points did you have? I had 28 but got an alternate.
  12. by   Gestr002
    I got accepted as well! Congrats to everyone else! but wow, classes already start Jan 30th. I didn't think it would be so soon!
  13. by   lkr930110