Anyone applying for Cypress College for Spring 2017 - page 2

Hello Future Nurses! I am applying to Cypress College ADN program for the Spring 2017 semester. Are you? The on line application date is from September 1st to 10th only and than you can walk-in... Read More

  1. by   Thaokate Bui
    yes, just a fair you can go if you want.
  2. by   jennmerr77
    Yes I did. I thought it was weird how they started the email off with "Dear Registered Nursing Student". Got me little excited but I have a feeling they sent it to everyone who applied. Haha!
  3. by   Zacharyuniza
    hey everyone! I also applied for Spring 2017. About the CNSA fair email, my heart dropped when I read "Dear Registered Nursing student". for a split second I thought it was a letter of Acceptance but it was just for the fair =/
  4. by   jennmerr77
    Haha same here! I won't be able to make the fair because I have to work. Hopefully that doesn't make me look bad to them lol. I wish we didn't have to wait so long to find out LOL
  5. by   MandaNikki
    I am also still waiting! I have an acceptance elsewhere but I am still trying to keep my options open. Really wish they would send something out soon!
  6. by   ybooze01
    Just checking in- still Hopefully we will hear something next week.
  7. by   jennmerr77
    Same here. I'm being totally impatient. Haha! I don't want to call because I know they said first week of December but I can't wait any longer haha! Praying we hear soon
  8. by   ybooze01
    I believe we are supposed to hear next week , it least that's what I was told.
  9. by   jennmerr77
    I can't take it anymore! Hahaha! I keep checking the Webster site and nothing.... LOL
  10. by   Teri01
    I keep checking as well. I know I was told that possibly the will give us an answer next week but just on the off chance that they send it out this is truly torture. I wish they wouldn't do it around holiday time- we are either going to be super happy or super sad on the holiday
  11. by   jennmerr77
    Who told you we may hear next week? When I turned my application in the guy told me most likely the first week of Dec. That's sooooooo long haha!
  12. by   lkr930110
    The results are coming out december 5th.
  13. by   Teri01 the counselor that told me wasn't exactly sure about next week, she was kind of guessing. But Dec 5th it is