Any current RN to BSN students..

  1. Going to UOP( or attending online)? I am !!! Hi everyone!!
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  3. by   nmercer1
    I attended the UOP and while there were things I liked, there were things I did not like (but I stuck it out and now have my BSN). I hope you enjoy it...Good luck to you ;-)
  4. by   suzannerny2k
    Hi, I am on my second class at UOP. Hope I am not in for a disappointment LOL
  5. by   DocsWifey
    I'm planning to do my RN to BSN with UOP soon. I'm scheduled to talk to someone next week. How are the classes so far? Any info would help!
  6. by   traumaRUs
    I did my ADN to BSN via UofP in 2003-2004. Loved it, expensive but well worth it.
  7. by   SrhClaytonRN
    I am currently in the end of the second week of my first class. I love it!! We just finished our first learning team project and while there was some minor trouble it worked out really well. I am currently not working since I can't find anything. This allows me to really spend time on getting my work done. There are a lot of tools to assist you for your class and if you plan on getting your MSN and through UoP you may be able to do some classes to go towards your MSN. It is a lot of money but with the hospitals going BSN it is well worth it. Online learning is great for those who can organize it in and stay focused.