American River College Spring 2017

  1. Hi fellow applicants! It's that time of year again to apply to ARC's ADN program for Spring 2017. So I figured I would start a new post so we can all stay up to date on progress or to answer questions! Best of luck!
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  3. by   Kdevinva26
    Hi! Just turned in my app on Thursday... I'm excited but nervous as this is my first time applying.
  4. by   bfoster618
    Dropped off my packet today. I signed in at #23..I'm curious as to how many there will be this time around.
  5. by   Kdevinva26
    Same here, curious to get an idea of the odds. Although I am no help, when I turned in my application i was number two on the list.
  6. by   Advent Murse
    Hi guys, I turned my app in on Thursday; I was 28 on the list. This is my third time applying, hoping its my last.
  7. by   Todd94
    I submitted my application on Tuesday (9/13) and signed in at #59. It's my first time applying. Let's hope not too many people apply I know ARC is like the only Community College in the area that accepts applications in fall for the spring semester, but based on the previous statistics of all applicants, it appears that this is the time where there's less applicants applying.
  8. by   Kdevinva26
    I am right along with you! I'm truly hoping only so many people apply to better our odds.
  9. by   Rnrmom
    I dropped mine off yesterday afternoon, #209.
  10. by   Kdevinva26
    Wow!! Thanks for letting us know, I was wondering how many people have applied.
  11. by   bfoster618
    Any other changes to application status or possible final numbers? I think 258 was the last I saw.
  12. by   Zee916
    I applied for spring 2017 too. Hoping to get in this semester because it looks like they are changing the co- requisite class, speech 331 to speech 301 for fall semester. I will have to take speech 301 if I don't get in this semester. Why are they making life so miserable for Americans; the foreigners don't have to take any of these classes n they just get a golden pass to take NCLEX. It's about time we should get our voices heard because our country is failing us from acquiring nursing career and giving jobs to immigrants nurses educated outside US, where they don't have the same pre- requisite ******** that we go through in US colleges. American nursing students should start a protest to stop favors to immigrant nurses period. Every student nurse should be subjected to same requirement that's a fair game.
  13. by   OnMyWaytoPA
    I've been going through this for 10 years off and on. Its 100% ridiculous and keeps changing to add more hoops to jump through. I have all the pre reqs to get into a PA program and any med school with my BS in Biology from Sac State (which was the original plan back in 2003). But life happened after I graduated. I got married and had a special needs baby. So I decided to start applying to 2 year nursing programs in the area to help our situation. And here I am 10 years later, still not an RN. At this point, I'm considering trying to find funding so I can apply to UC Davis or Samuel Merritt's Entry Level Masters of Nursing programs. Its beyond unfair what they base qualifying applicants on at the ADN level. Besides my education, I work in a hospital in the OR! I stopped applying to Sierra because its an absolute joke that I have to keep retaking Anatomy, Physiology and/or Micro because apparently our bodies change every 7 years. If UC Davis allows it, you would think a JUNIOR college would allow hospital experience in lieu of the recency requirements!
  14. by   Zee916
    I heard the rumor that ARC will be taking 60 students for the spring 2017 because they have more spots for clinicals at sutter hospital. They used to pick only 40 students. There's more chances of getting in.