ABSN University of Southern Maine 2019 - page 3

Hello, for those of you applying for the ABSN-USM 2019 cohort. I am currently a student at USM-Health Science Major with a USM GPA of 3.7 with a 3.4 in my Pre-requesites and additional courses... Read More

  1. by   sab831
    Yeah - It says "Sci/Nur/Ugrad/FA" - Summer 2019. I'll call tomorrow to double check!
  2. by   gcano93
    OMG congrats you two! I am currently in California and a student at USM so I am just patiently waiting ugh
  3. by   mcp17
    Thanks!! Did you check your MaineStreet?
  4. by   gcano93
    Yeah, and there's not a check mark, sadly.
  5. by   gcano93
    Usually, by next week if there isn't a check mark I mostly likely didn't get accepted.
  6. by   sab831
    Thanks gcano93! I wouldn't write yourself off too early - I heard from a couple current and previous students that people heard throughout the month of December. One person I spoke with had to call in January when she hadn't heard anything, only to find out she had been accepted.
  7. by   gcano93
    You're right; it's only the beginning of the month! I am hoping that they take into consideration the pre-reqs being done and the additional courses including courses for the ABSN program.
  8. by   arose2
    No check mark after my application on mainestreet for me as well gcano93. I'll give it through the end of next week, then I'm accepting defeat. Wish they would send the rejections out first- waiting for rejection blows.
  9. by   gcano93
    I just spoke with someone in the Nursing department and she said all decisions have been made final and letters have been sent out this week.
  10. by   gcano93
    I did find out, I was placed on their waitlist. If any doesn't want to go let me know lmao
  11. by   jesshunter
    Hoping to log in and check mine!
  12. by   jesshunter
    How did you access Mainestreet?? I'm looking through all the mail they sent and can't find a way to log in, TY
  13. by   gcano93
    I'm not sure, try your first and last name @maine.edu and set a new password within their website. That's how I did mine for instance; my email is George.cano@maine.edu