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Hi everyone:

I have been going back and forth on what I want to get my advanced nurse practice degree in and I have finally decided I want it as a Women's Health NP/CNM. I live in Miami, FL and I am looking for an online program that offers this dual option where they help to find the preceptors, are accredited, good reputation and won't break my bank. I have been doing research but I would LOVE feedback from everyone who has done an online program, where you did it, did it prepare you for the practice and are there prospective jobs on the field? Also, what is it the salary expectations and can you have flexibility in scheduling or is it a Monday- Friday operation? Is it truly possible to open up my own clinic in Florida or are their limitations to practicing in Florida. Also, I do not have Labor and delivery experience, I have Tele/Med surge, Cardiac stepdown and NICU. In NICU we do attend all high risk deliveries and c-sections. This is the only field I know I would enjoy. I mean I want to deliver babies and bring life into the world. Do CNM get many deliveries to do, limitations etc? I know it's a lot of questions but I want to apply ASAP to get into school.

HELP and thanks so much... Do you hear my desperation???

I wish someone would say something :) I am very interested in this as well! Sorry I'm no help.

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I obtained my MSN and then my CNM via Frontier Nursing University. It is a great school that has turned out some wonderful CNMs, however, they have had a lot of growing pains in recent years, especially regarding getting clinical sites credentialed, etc. You have to find your own preceptors for clinicals, which can be a challenge. You can obtain your WHNP by just completing a set number of additional clinical hours on top of your clinical hours for the CNM, so it would only add 3-6 extra months. Plus passing the WHNP boards of course. ;)

There are many different types of practices for CNMs, from an independent home birth practice, to free standing birth centers, to being hospital employed as a Laborist or Triage CNM. WHNP is basically a CNM, but without the ability to catch babies! I think being willing to move is probably a good thing, if you want a certain kind of position. The availability of jobs varies tremendously based on geography. Check out the jobs on the ACNM website to get an idea of what's available out there.

Good Luck!

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From my brief time spent with a CNM, she does a homebirth business in the suburbs of a large metro area, has office visits in her home about 3-4 days a week, maybe a home visit each week where she makes sure the home is safe and the supplies are ready, a homebirth each week (if all goes to schedule), and a couple of postpartum visits each week. Last year, she cleared about $100,000 after expenses (she has several part-time employees). This is what I am aiming for after clearing off my student loan debt and gaining about 5 years experience.

I started Nurse Midwifery/WHNP in 2007 at University of Cincinnati Online. It was an excellent course and the instructors were very helpful. It was a very structured program and you have to stay organized to keep up with the work and clinical hours. I finished it in 2 years but at that time it was based on quarter system and has since changed to semesters. Of all my online education (finishing pre-requisites for BSN prior to Midwifery), UC was the most organized and helpful experience I had. I did classes through 2 different community colleges, and one 4 year university for my pre-reqs. UC rocked! Most of the instructors were graduates of the CNEP program and some were graduates from Columbia, Emory, etc. It had no on-campus requirements. Check it out!

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