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I've been searching and searching for online msn programs, obviously there are a number of msn programs online, but I've been wondering how to choose? I'm interested in the NP or CNL route, however, I'm still kind of open on my exact route. I suppose some of my indecision is part of my problem, but my question here is for those of you who have chosen an online program, HOW? How did you choose your program over another? Now that you are in an online program, are there anythings you wish you could change? I'm in a rural area, so online is my only choice.


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I'm in the George Washington University online Masters program. It's a good school, well known and respected in my area and I work at GW hospital so the tuition is covered 100%. No brainer for me!


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I am in an online program for Medical Assistant and the only downfall is that I am missing out on my "clinical" procedures. I have "virtual lab" cd's and they show the exact procedures for all. I will need to get a part time job or volunteer someplace to realy get the hands-on. The program I am in is USCI (us career and they are wonderful. I am definately getting as well of an education as any great shools I know.

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I think the OP was asking about a nursing MASTERs online program?

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I think you should probably look to make sure it's #1 accredited, #2 cost, #3 financial aid options/work reimburstment etc, and #4 will you have to repeat any credits you already earned or how much will transfer least that is what i would look for! and probably too how long it will take you to complete the program.