Online Massage Program?


I see a place called US Career Institute that offers an online program with a 4 week practicum in Ft. Collins, Colorado.

Is this worth anything or a joke? I'd like to do massage therapy alongside my regular job, but I would like to be able to charge for it, and you have to be licensed here.


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I am also a Massage Therapist, with Certifications in NeuroMuscular Therapy, Sports Massage, Seated Massage, and have studied AromaTherapy, Polarity Therapy, and Therapeutic Touch.

Don't fall for this program. There is just no way to get the knowledge and experience you will need for this wonderful practice from an on-line program.

You need to study with teachers who are experienced in the field of massage, and you can't get what you need in a 4 week practicum. Granted you could get some of the book work on-line, but you need much more than what you get from books.


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I was certified in massage back in 1995. After looking at this program I actually think it might be decent. The hands on is 50 hrs/week for 4 weeks. The course prepares one for one of the national exams. After that an individual could take continuing ed. classes for more specialization. Considering the cost of most massage programs ($10,000 +) this could be a great start. The didactic portion is 400 hrs, then 200 hrs of practicum.