Online in LPN to RN in FLORIDA



I am interested in completing my RN and need a solid program in Florida. I live in Melbourne/Viera.

Have looked at ISU LPN to BSN, Excelsior's ADN...

Are there others I am missing?



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I took the bridge program at Valencia Community College in Orlando, totally online except exams (midterms, finals) and clinicals (1 12 hour clinical a week)...the first few weeks you have to be on campus a lot for "lab". Then at the end you have a preceptorship that is so many shifts following a nurse. You had weekly quizzes and discussion postings also. It was very doable and I commuted from Tampa the latter part of the year. Melbourne would be a similar commute. I would suggest the program to anyone! Good Luck!


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How hard is it to get into the program? GPA? Points?