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Online LPN program?

by FutureLadyRN FutureLadyRN (Member)

I have a friend who wants to ultimate become a PA but wants hands on health care experience beyond that of just a CNA.

Due to a full-time job and a daughter to look after, she cannot attend normal classes, even on nights and weekends. She has a degree in biology and has taken all the Physician Assistant prerequisites. She is looking for a full-time online LPN program that will either arrange or allow her to arrange her clinical hours near her hometown. Anyone know of any such program with online coursework, no on campus meetings, and clinicals done close to home?


The only online LPN program was at Deaconess College. Neither exist today. There are no online LPN programs in the US except a partial program in Texas, where one is still required to come to the campus at times.

What is the program in Texas? My friend is currently living in Texas.

Also - are there any online RN programs that do not require you to live near campus or report to campus?


There is another thread about this, you can look for it and connect with one of the posters. She is accepted at this school: North Central Texas College in Corinth and Gainsville TX. She states that you go to campus to take tests and must do clinical in person. I went to their website months ago and determined that one had to live in the area mentioned. The main distance programs for RN are Excelsior College, http://www.excelsior.edu, and Indiana State University. There are numerous threads about both programs in this forum.

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