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Online courses-any suggestions?

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I am an English RN living in Florida and am going through the process of getting my US licence. In the mean time, seen as i can't work as a nurse, I was hoping to do some courses. I am doing the BLS course with the Redcross this weekend with a view to teaching CPR and I am enrolled on the ACLS in september. I was going to do an EMT course (my background is ER) but its 5 terms long and I hope I will have my licence before then. Any suggestions? I don't mind what the courses are! Anything health/nursing related. The courses can be an hour long or a term, it doesn't really matter.Or, does anyone know a website which offers details of courses.

I really appreciate your help. I have looked online but haven't found alot and don't know which institutions are reputable!


PS I have posted this in the general nursing forum as it seems to have more traffic!

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For any course about cardiac/resuscitation, make sure it is AHA approved.

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