Online combined anatomy and physiology classes?


Hello all,

I have decided to become an RN. A few of the managers at the hospital that I work for have encouraged me and one informed me about a prelicensure program. I have met with the enrollment counselor for the program. Before I can start I need to complete Anatomy, Physiology, and Microbiology. The school pointed me to another school that offers all of these classes online, including the lab component.

Here is the problem; This online school offers anatomy/Physiology I which is a 4 unit class, and Anatomy/Physiology II a second 4 unit class. My understanding though is that in California Anatomy and Physiology need to be completed in seperate classes. My understanding comes from the many RN's that I know here at the hospital. I have found no information from the State Nursing organization online.

Anyone know the rules on taking these classes in California?

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Good day:

In so far as I know, the only requirement (no matter the state) is to complete AP1 and AP2 at the same school. Is there a reason why you are seeking to do this online vs. in the classroom?

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The anatomy and physiology that are accepted for RN programs in CA are 5 unit courses, and online versions will not qualify. The 4 unit courses are generally for LVN and dental assistant programs. Be sure to look at what the programs you're considering require, otherwise you'll end up wasting precious time and money on courses that won't get you where you want to be.

The ADN and BSN programs I've researched and/or applied to all require 5 unit courses including a lab element. It really doesn't matter if they're together or separate, though you'll need both (either the two separated, or A&P I & II).

Don't look at the state site, look at the school sites. They will tell you what you actually need in order to apply to their programs, and each of them vary some. What they factor in will also vary- some weight the prereq GPA more than others, BSN programs will require more than ADN programs, many ADN programs run off of a lottery system... There's a lot to know, so take some time to research programs that you're considering. Be sure to look at NCLEX pass rates and overall costs as well. Just because a private university is more expensive, for example, that doesn't make it a better choice than a CSU, when most CSUs have higher pass rates than most private universities.

Take some time with Google and dig deep into the nursing sites at the schools you're considering.