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Online classes help: Nutrition, A&P I, and Human Growth and Development



I'm working on my pre-reqs to apply in the spring for my local community colleges Fall 2012 RN program. Yay! Wish me luck! Prayers welcome :). While continuing to work full time at a local marketing firm I'll be taking classes online.

Note: all classes will be online.

I'm planning to take A&P I (4 hours) for sure, but am looking at also taking Nutrition ( 3 hours) and/or Human Growth and Development ( aka Lifespan Psychology and also 3 hrs). Have you taken these and have tips or can you shed any light on what to expect. I took A&P in 2005 when getting my BS in Marketing because I was first s nursing major but switched for no real reason. I say that because the material will not be brand new but still a difficult class. With working full time do you think it's realistic to take all 3 classes or just one along with A&P?

Any help is very much appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Hi there-

I too hold a a marketing degree and am halfway through completing my prereq's. I am currently working full time in a marketing role, taking BioChem w a lab two evenings a week, AND PSY 2020 (Life Span Development) and Intro to Pharmacology online.

The first few weeks were rough, but I am finally into a pattern of dedicating most of my weekends to schoolwork. Granted I am not taking as much away from these classes as I would like, it IS manageable. I am enrolled in an 8 week AP I&II series online this fall as well as an evening section of Micro, and have been STRONGLY advised to rethink this. Students have said AP is nearly impossible to take alone. I am most likely going to drop AP II for now (even though I need to complete it for application purposes).. :/ Best of luck to you!

That is a huge boost of confidence for me - thank you! Maybe I'll try taking all 3 then drop one of I need to before the cut-off date. I'm really nervous about A&P online more than anything. The others I know will take a lot of time, but A&P will probably be crazy from what I've heard - a lot of teaching myself. The things is, since A&P is a lot of memorization (A more than P) then hopefully it won't be too bad since I've had it before. I'll just be taking those flashcards everywhere I go.

How long ago did you graduate with you BS in Marketing? I'm just curious for how long you've been out of school. I graduated in Dec. '08.


I am new to this site and I am glad to see I am not the only one who holds a marketing degree and back in school for nursing!! :-) Where are you taking your A&P I online at?? I would love to find an online program....



I actually have a BA in Communication with a minor in Marketing from Kent State and a MA in Communication Management from John Carroll.

I worked as a PCA all through school and have finally come to the conclusion that I am not an office or desk person :) I miss the hustle and bustle of labor & delivery! I graduated with my BA in 2005 and my MA in 2008.

Searching for programs has been a nightmare!!!! I am STILL on the fence about ADN vs. 2nd degree BSN programs.. I am takign courses at tri-c, hoping to join their program later this year or next year. I am also applying to a couple BSN programs just to see if I have a shot at doing that any faster; oddly enough both programs take 1-2 yrs- why not get a BSN if I can?! I have investigated several tech schools around here (all ranging in price from $20-30k to complete a ADN with the coursework I alreadyhave completed. That is nauseating considering tri-c's program only amounts to about $4k total.

Sorry to get off topic, this has been consuming me lol!! Any advice is welcome! Feel free to private message me.



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I took all these classes on-line. Not simultaneously.

You'll be reading a lot. But otherwise I don't see any problem

ALLEN: I'm taking it online at Chattanooga State Community College in TN. Just found out that as of the Fall '11 classes, the lab has to be done in person though so I'll be taking it at night. No big deal there. I'd rather take it in person because I love the hands on learning, but I'm nervous about telling my boss...I have a meeting with her in 10 minutes to let her know I'll need to leave work early every Wednesday to go to a class. I hope she doesn't get suspicious that I'm looking into a different career.

OH KATE: I'm doing the ADN because my BS in Marketing GPA was so bad that I honestly don't really have a choice but to go this route. If you have a choice, I say go the BSN route. I plan on getting my BSN done online as I work as an RN once I get my associates in nursing. It's the best thing to do for job security plus a BSN allows you to have more room for growth within the nursing field.

AL GINGER: Thanks for the boost of confidence. I signed up for the classes just a few days ago and am super excited, but extremely nervous. I'm going to start organizing things this weekend at home so I will be more than ready by the time classes start and not feel too overwhelmed (if that's even possible).

I agree the BSN is wiser in the long run, as I hear MORE and more than BSN will soon be the required education for nurses :/ However, the requirements, strict deadines, and program/course schedules of most local BSN programs are proving to be a major obstacle!!

I am actually leaning toward the ADN for now for a few reasons;

1) the convenience of scheduling ADN courses (fewer classes needed, most available in evenings) will allow me to keep working, at least half way throught the program

2) the foresight that most hospitals offer tuition assistance anyway, which would allow me to work on a BSN while gaining experience as an RN

3) the condensed nature of most accelerated second degree programs is a little intimidating!!

ChattNurseHopeful: I am in the same boat as you-my Marketing GPA wasn't that great....it was ok..but not good enough for getting into a BSN Nursing program. I am also trying to hide from my current employer that I am back in school.....so let me know how your conversation goes!! ;-) Good Luck!!!

First of all, make sure that the A&P class has a lab because without lab, it will not be accepted when you get ready to apply to the nursing program. I don't know what kind of a student you are, but I think that taking all these classes while working full time will be very very hard...A&P in may opinion is a single class semester, you will really need lots of time to study for it. You don't want to just pass the classes, you want to have a good GPA to qualify for program...Think it twice..

Good luck.