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Hello all!

I'm a graduate nurse living in Gainesville, Florida. I've accepted a job on our Medical Intensive Care Unit and am excited to start! One of the caveats to working at my institution as is in many others is the requirement of obtaining your BSN. This isn't a problem for me as I'm on a track to get my CRNA. I was wondering if there were any CRNA applicants or CRNA's, or anyone for that matter that could recommend a school? Curious if name or prestige of an institution holds any weight. Thanks so much! Also any tips for admission to CRNA school would also be appreciated!


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Ugh, a Gator.

My original alma mater FSU no longer has a RN to BSN program, unfortunately.

Why not do UF's RN to BSN program? I would have done their program but they didn't open the program up to non-Shand's employees until a year or year and a half ago. Or UCF's RN to BSN program? I would not suggest USF's RN to BSN program as I have several friends doing the program and they struggle with the program - very work intensive. I ended up doing the UTA RN to BSN program and it has not hindered me one bit but I am not looking to do CRNA. Just don't do the -type program as their courses are Pass/Fail so it really puts you at a disadvantage GPA-wise.

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