Online assessment seems harder than practice assessments in the ATI study manual


When I took the practice assessments in the book I score in the high 80's in the math,reading and language sections and 70's in the science section. However, i recently took the online A assessment and I scored an overall 68%... The science portion was wayyy harder than the book, and it seemed like most of the stuff that they asked wasn't even from the book. The math and english were slightly harder but the science is what killed me. I just need to know if the actual teas test is more like the book assessments or the online assessments because I take it on the 16th and now I am worried.


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Taking my exam on the 22nd and only have been studying from the book..i never planned on taking the online assessments but that is an interesting find...Gonna follow this thread for hopefully some good feedback :/


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I took my first online exam a couple of weeks ago and was nowhere near where I want to be. I have heard from most people here that the online test is more difficult than the actual exam; however, I don't want to take any chances. I am continuing to study and will take my second on-line exam in about 1 week.

I would highly suggest jredo2617 consider the online practice tests. I wasted a good couple of minutes acclimating myself to the online test, and from what I've heard in terms of computer technicalities, it is pretty much the same.


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Since I take mine this upcoming Tuesday, if I remember, I will let you know about how it compares to the book lol hopefully I will have good news.


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How did it go? I hope you aced the test!!