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Online ARNP not in my state?


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Quick question - while reading back in the archives I came upon a message from 2008 that said to make sure to check with your state BON to make sure they allow graduates from online programs to sit for ARNP credentials. I have looked through my states requirements for ARNP on the BON website and can't find anything about online programs - just that they need to be an approved/credentialed program.

Does anyone know if any states still don't allow online grads? I will contact the BON directly if needed, but it seems kind of behind the times with so many programs offering programs that are completely or partially online.

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At worst, can't you sit for the boards in the state of the online college and apply for reciprocity? I am looking for answer too

Heidi the nurse, BSN, RN

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That would make sense. From what I understand, nurses in my state can get reciprocity from almost any state but not sure if that is true the other way around. I think I will send an email to the BON and see if I hear back.

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The key is that the school be credentialed. There is much controversy about Excelsior because it isn't a school per se, but rather a self study plan. (However, its not for APNs, but rather RNs).

As long as your school is accredited, you'll be fine. If in doubt, give your BON a call or email.