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Online A &P I, II at University of Phoenix

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My husband is an employee of UOP so I get an 80% discount on classes. I've contacted the programs I plan on applying to and they accept UOP's online A&P courses. That being said, has anyone taken this course at UOP? Do you have to do group work? Did you use an ebook or a regular textbook? Is it tough (I don't mind) since it's a 7 week accerlerated course?

Thanks for any input! :)

I didn't take A&P through them, but I did take Micro online. Since nobody else has responded to you, I'll give you my experience with the class.

Actually, I was quite impressed with the class and the instructor. However, it was a CRAZY amount of work...writing assignments every week. We were required to post to a discussion board several times per week, and also required to post a certain number of "substantive" replies or questions. We had to respond to three discussion questions weekly. We had to do a group paper (and our groups were assigned). Not my favorite because there is always one person who doesn't do their fair share. Honestly, it was one of the harder classes that I've taken, even though tests were completely online and open book, they were always difficult. I learned a lot and never felt like I simply paid for the grade or that I skated by...

I think UOP normally uses e-books, but we had a real book for our class (which I prefer). The time went by quickly (7 weeks). As long as your school will accept their classes (and not having a lab won't hurt you), absolutely take it! Although I think anatomy can be more interesting and easy to understand with a lab, I don't think having a lab for physio makes a big difference. Just my opinion...

Thank you so much for replying!!!:bow: The course I'm interested in is a 4 hour course with an online lab. I'm waiting to find out if I will use an e-book or a regular book. They do have a 3 hour course but I definitely signing up for the one with the lab. I'm still thinking of becoming an Occupational Therapist and I know they will accept the UOP 4 hour class but not the 3 hour one for their program! Thanks again!


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Do you happen to know how much it costs for the class?

Also when does the next class start?

THanks :)

It costs an arm and a leg! Seriously..lol! It's 515 PER CREDIT HOUR x 4 2,065 for one class! The classes start every tuesday I believe or every other tuesday. The class I'm signing up for starts on Mar 17. There is no way in heaven or hell, I'd pay for that class if I weren't getting a discount, it's waaaayyyy tooo expensive!


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Whoa that is a lot of money!!!!

How long are the classes?

I thought paying 600 for one class was expensive.

The course is 7 weeks long. I'm basically desperate or else I'd take this class on campus. I'm applying to nursing school and OT school, whichever program accepts me is what I'll be. The deadline to apply to OT school is Oct 15, without this class I'd have to wait AN ENTIRE YEAR to apply because I have to take Biology first THEN A&PI in the fall AFTER my deadline.


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I'm taking AP II online through Rio Salado and its like $600 for the entire class. It's 8 weeks long and starts in a week or so.

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Sorry to butt in, but I'm in A&P2 here in Vermont online and it's the best class I've ever had. It is a ton of work like another poster said, but I love being able to log in when I want and work independently. we don't have any group work at all and participating in discussion boards is only for your own benefit or clarification, so if you can manage your time and not let the week get away from you---I think you'll love the flexibility and all of the resources. We have an actual textbook and access to the identical ebook plus an online lab and histology CD ... our dissections will also be on the CD. Good luck if you do it!



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dalgal- What school on Vermont are you taking it at? I wonder if they have a late start class for the spring or something.

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Hi! I'm taking it at the community college of Vermont (CCV) and it's accepted at any university or college here because it's a really rigorous course. I don't know what it would cost you as an out of state student but I believe it's $500 for instate. I'm not sure though because I have a full load and haven't broken it down...( I'm scared to look at my student loan amounts!!) If you can get Dr. Lehr, you should request him...great professor!!

Sounds like that is a great course in Vermont! With the discount I only have to pay $417 dollars for UOP. I'm not happy about the group work but I really need this class, I am desperate. I wish schools didn't charge out-of-state fees for distance courses. :cry:

I loved UOP Online! I got my BS in Healthcare Administration there years ago before I went into nursing. I've taken 25 online classes in total. All of the classes are a lot of work, but it was manageable. The other poster said it right: You get 1 major paper per week, have to write usually around 3-4 "substantive" posts 4/7 days of the week, answer 3-4 discussion questions in length on top of the other posts, do a group paper with "teams" (you are assigned your team in the first week of class)...No tests though. I never took any test in any of my 25 classes. All of the classes are 'designed' the same way, as in the parameters I mentioned above. The week always begin Tuesday and ends on Tuesday. (They call it the 'electronic week', lol)

Overall, I loved my experience there. I highly recoommend!!!

Thanks so much for your input, I really appreciate!!!:bow:

If anyone is taking A & P II at the University of Phoenix, would you mind to send me a copy of the sylabus? I plan on taking this class in late April and would love a head start on reading the chapters the second course covers.

I loved A & P I there!! It was a lot of writing/typing, but I learned a lot.

Thanks in advance.


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