One more~1st day of school!!!

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ok... one more time.

but i just had to tell somebody!!! my first day was today. things went well and i am all ready overwhelmed by the amount of reading we have to do by tomorrow! but, you know what? it's great! and i wouldn't trade it for anything in the world! i am so glad i am finally going to realize my dream of being a nurse... so many things to learn, so many things to do... where ever shall i begin?

good luck to all of us who are students!

to those of us who aren't, please excuse our enthusiasm... for the most part, we are thrilled! i know i am!!!!

hooray!!!!!! :D :p :D


Its ok :) I hope you dont lose that enthusiasm!

Today was my first day back... 3 years down, and I am on the last one now. I think when i graduate, i will retire. Just Kidding :)

Today went pretty well for me too. I only have one class on mondays, which i thought was going to be 2 hours long... but its only one hour on mondays, and 2 on Fridays. THe only real downfall is that my clinicals for critical care are at night, and some are Sat and Sundays. But thats ok... Thursday nights is the night I go to the bars.

New students!!! PLEASE!!! Pick one day a week to go out, do something, and have a life! It really helps decrease the burn out. If you think that you dont have time to do something fun... reevaluate your time managment skills. If you are married, go out with your hubby, dating someone? Dont forget about them. School is only one aspect of your life, and it DOESNT have to be your sole source of activity for (insert years here). Now i am NOT saying go to a rave the night before your big A&P test! But DO remember to take time for yourself to de-stress, and relax. Being educated is terrific, but being happy and healthy at the same time is better :)

Take Care of yourselves!



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