one of those "days" in the office!


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Just needed to vent to someone today. It is hard being the only "Medical" minded employee in a school. I am happy with my job so please don't take me wrong but.................I am so tired of the non-medical stuff that I am about to blow a gasket.

Middle school students are being sent over here, across the street for things like, do i need to take my contact lense out cuz my eye is red, do i need to have some lotion on my hands cuz they are itching, do i need to call my mom cuz i am constipated??? geez...........these are middle school kids......and they are not even supposed to be in my building. Their teachers are just getting tired of them and let them use any excuse to come see me so they can get them out of class and have a break from them. Okay, i get that but ........when i have 3 elementary kids who are injured from playground boo-boo's and others waiting in the hall for me to give them their noon meds, i do not need to deal with the "bigger kids"!!!!

do any of you have the same problems???

I spoke with the principal and he is going to send out an email to all teachers to carefully screen the students who are requesting to see the nurse, i hope this helps.

I have been here 6 years and love the kids, the families that I have bonded with, and the feeling of being needed! I also love the summers off to spend with my grandkids, the extra days off throughout the year but..............the petty stuff is really getting under my skin.

thank you for letting me vent today,



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I know exactly how you feel, I have felt so bogged down in "petty stuff" here lately. I am only at my school 2 days a week and I am spending all of my time putting safety pins in pants and looking at microscopic paper cuts. Then, I have no time left to advocate for the students who really need me. Staff thinks that I just don't want to do my job. As a registerd nurse, I am feeling greatly underused.