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I just had one more question I forgot to ask.. when you all took the boards was it very hard or was it basic nursing knowledge we should all know...


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The boards are like nothing you've ever seen before. It's both of what you asked, it's basic knowledge and very hard questions. You have to critically think. Example: You are the nurse in charge of 4 patients of varying acuity. You'll get a brief description of all of them. Which one do you give the CNA, the LPN and which one do you assess immediatly and call the doc on. For this question you'll need nursing knowledge, PathoPhys, and know the scope of practice for each of the levels of nursing care.

If you can think like a nurse, or at least attempt to, you'll be alright.

No wonder you're stressed! The way other nurses talk, you'd think it would be easier to walk through the fires of hell eating an ice cream cone than get through nursing school. And from the sounds of it, only the genius-caliber, pure of heart, nightingales can pass the boards.

No wonder there's a nursing shortage.

Anyway, good luck on the NCLEX! I'm sure you'll do fine!!!


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NursingStudentFall01: Do you think we want to talk like this? That we want to make nursing sound bad? No we don't. but it's a fact. We can't and don't vent at work, so where are we suppose to talk? Here.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE nursing. I love making a difference and taking care of people. But it's really hard. And at times, unrewarding, but we do it because we love it. I remember nursing school, I just graduated. I wish I had heard people talk about how hard nursing was ahead of time. I would have been more prepared. But again, I love what I do, and never want to do anything else.

Oh and Lynalous: Good luck and take tonite off and get some sleep (like that will be possible). You will feel so much better when that exam is over with. Repeat after me: I will be fine on the exam, I will pass the exam. Positive thinking!


I have no doubts that nursing is a trying and stressful profession. I have no doubts that nursing school is also trying and stressful. I just don't think having the heart of Mother Theresa and the brains of Einstein are prerequisites for the profession.

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Thank you JenKatt for your help. I repeated what you wanted me to. It put a smile on my face. I will do it again before my exam at 2pm tomorrow!!!! Thank you for the info!!!

Thank you too nursestudentfall01


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Just in case your are an insomniac like me and happen to check this again tonight--I wanted to wish you luck on the NCLEX. I took mine on 6/1/01. It is hard, don't get me wrong. But it is passable. So far, our class has a 100% pass rate. And that's pretty terrific because last class had a 70% pass rate. If you have time, make sure you know all the basic lab values like glucose, sodium, potassium, hematocrit, hemoglobin, etc. and be familiar with Erikson and Maslow. Also know your ABC's. Every other test question was a priority-type of question which sucked because we never had a test question like it during school. By knowing that stuff I mentioned helped me critically think on the test. The testing center lady gave me two write on/wipe off boards to use if I needed to. The first thing I did was write down all the lab values I memorized (oh yea, ABGs was another) and then I wrote down other stuff I thought I might need (like how I figured out if it was metabolic acidosis, alkalosis, compensated, etc--HATE F&E). Then they gave me a mouse-tutorial which helped relax me a bit and then 3 sample questions (which didn't count towards my grade nor did they tell me if the answers I selected were wrong or right) and the 4th question started the test. 75 is minimum and 265 is max. Everyone says 75 is a good number but we've had passing at 76, 75, 123, 211, 225, and 265. So don't freak out if you get more than 75. Enough said. Good luck. I just got my nursing license in the mail yesterday. I am still look at it "lovingly". :D

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