One million infected.

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I was just asking about this in another thread. Indigo Girl thinks it could be 10x that. I agree. I'm seeing a lot more than usual number of people who are complaining about "severe allergies" with mild fever.

Again, this could be a good thing if so many have already been exposed and possibly developed some immunity.

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my mom told me today she doesn't think she had the flu-just a cold! I said you don't get a fever of 101-102 with a cold---at least not on the first day you are sick! Maybe you can develop a sinus infection with a cold--but again one doesn't start off the cold with a fever and a moist productive cough within 6 hours. That lasts for going on 7 days now. I still haven't gotten it, though my brother had it first. I am really starting to think the H1N1 showed up spring of 2008 when the flu shot 'suddenly' didn't work against the 'influenza A'. Course I am wrong. i am not the CDC but it kinda makes sense. I and those that all got sick on our floor that spring haven't been sick yet this year. Who knows, not me.


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Probably way more. It's running through my town and the majority of cases in my kids' schools that were tested were H1N1, but most people who are getting sick now are just staying home with it and dealing.

Three of my kids just got over a very typical flu and after taking care of them for a week I came down with something...if it was the flu it was the easiest one I ever shook off. My youngest never got sick at all.

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