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  1. Hi all,

    I have been a nurse on a neuro/ortho floor for 15 months and I need a change. I am extremely stressed out on this unit. Since we are the neuro floor we get all of the detoxers form narcotics and alcohol. We also get all of the change in mental status patients which usually consist of little old ladies and men who have new onset dementia or possible strokes. Ortho patients are not my favourites. They are a huge amount of work to get them out of bed due to all of the restrictions on their movements. Also the crocuffs, cpms, sequentials, etc., are time consuming to deal with. We also see a lot of PNA, abdominal pain (diverticulitis, pancreatitis (most of the time due to alcoholism).

    I am a very compassionate person and I like to give TLC. I have been told I have a great bedside manner. My most treasured times as a nurse are the times I can connect with my patients interpersonally. I feel these qualities would be a good fit with oncology. I am sure an oncology floor would be really busy with pain control issues and family dynamics. Can anyone tell me if they have transitioned from a neuro/ortho floor or any other floor to an oncology floor and if they have regretted it or enjoyed it?


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