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  1. Anyone out there well over 50 going back for BSN?
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  3. by   FirmlyAnchored
    Quote from mizj
    Anyone out there well over 50 going back for BSN?
    I am not a nurse yet but I am in a BSN program. I'll be 52 when I graduate!

    I would have graduated this September but my ex-husband had leukemia and I took care of him until he died last Oct.. It was a wonderful "until death do us part" kind of thing for me. I had to step back from school, help myself and kids readjust to life without him.

    I landed a coveted paid internship in oncology this summer at our local hospital and love it. Some of my classmates are my oldest daughters age I've become great friends with many of them. Any who, my take is- 50 is not old go for it you'll never regret it. I've even had one of my mentor's tell me to go to med school, imagine that!
  4. by   mizj
    Thanks for the reply. I'm sorry for your lost. Congrads on your internship. I'm also an Hem/Onc nurse, trying to decide should I press onward.
  5. by   FirmlyAnchored
    I'm not sure if you are chemo certified or not, just another option to go for... Your hospital will probably pay for you to pursue a BSN, so why not?
  6. by   mizj
    Yes, I'm ONC certified.

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