Phyllodes Tumor

  1. Hello! I️ am a nurse that doesn't venture into this forum. My home is in the PACU. My best friend, (also a nurse), just got diagnosed with this cancer. I️ understand it is approx 4+ cm already. Everything I'm reading says it is very rare, usually requires lumpectomy or mastectomy and sometimes radiation. It looks that these tumors are very unpredictable, but the prognosis looks good. Does anyone have firsthand knowledge of anything else we can look into, experiences, etc ? We're having trouble finding specialists.
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  3. by   medicrn2
    Hi ! Let me start with I am not an oncology RN. However, I had a 6 cm phylloides tumor removed from my breast approximately 10 years ago. The way it was explained to me is that although the full name is phylloides sarcoma, these are rarely cancerous. They will send your friend's tumor for pathology, but that is mainly a double check.
    After mine was removed (it was 1/4 of my breast mass), the site was allowed to heal with only skin closure; no drain. The cosmetic result is great as scar tissue filled in the space. No chemo or radiation was required. I suggest you help your friend do a bit more research and arrange the removal. Mine was actually done by a terrific general surgeon I trust implicitly!!
    PS- I live in NYC area and could have easily gotten in to any of the BIG cancer programs IF it had been warranted. Good Luck to you friend !!