Out Patient Clinic Problems

  1. Recently our Oncology Office has experienced difficulty finding a place for our patients needing neupogen shots over the week-end. We had been using a walk-in clinic, but because of reimbursement issues they are declining(and they can because they are a for profit company)to give our patients their neupogen. Our local hospital does not have an out-patient service on the week-end, just an emergency department (and they too have declined). This mainly involves our medicare, medicaid and some private insurance companies patients. Our office is not open on the week-ends. Has anyone else encountered this? Any clues? Ideas??? Thanks deb.
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  3. by   sleepyhead
    Can't the patient or a family member give their own neupogen shots? I work in an inpatient area where we have a lot of patients who go home on neupogen and we teach the patient or a family member how to administer the shot.
  4. by   ds123
    This usually involves our medicare population who do not have prescription coverage and therefore can not afford to pay out of pocket for their meds. Neupogen cost approx. $250 per inject
  5. by   bellie
    Did you try any infusion centers or 24 hr observation clinics? Our outpatient clinic is part of the hospital. Patients that need neupogen over the weekend go to the inpatient oncology unit to get their shots. Many times, our doctors let the patients "have the weekend off" though.
  6. by   canoehead
    WHat about homecare services?
  7. by   Vette, RN
    At the oncology office where I worked, one of the physicians would give the weekend neupogen injections (he was at the office anyway). He just had everybody (from 1-4 people) come at the same time.
  8. by   PMILAM
    Our neupogen patients come to our inpatient oncology unit on week-ends. We let the nurses know in advance and the medication is waiting on the floor for them. It takes just a few minutes. One of our oncologists has one nurse scheduled on week-ends for a few hours just for injections. The staff rotates week-ends. This is fine if enough staff. We have the same problem with Medicare in KY. One patient has a daughter that is an RN, but he must come to the op area for his injections. Medicare will even pay his daughter to give the injection, but the patient must pay for the medication. Go figure.
  9. by   chorrell
    Our free standing cancer center opens for 30minutes-1 hours each Saturday and Sunday morning to administer Neupogen. However, this need will be resolved with the release of Neulasta, the long-acting formulation of neupogen. Cindy