oncology nursing? where do i start?

  1. I am going for my BSN at Texas A&M University. I am first going to become an RN...after that i have no idea how to become an oncology nurse? can anyone tell me where i go...is there a school i can go to in texas that would provide education in this field?
    thank you! jackie...feel free to email me with answers or comments...my email is on my profile!
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  3. by   ADUCHA
    Well Sleepy, you don't require any special training to become an oncology nurse. I did my consolodation on a hematology unit. It helps if you do reading. You have to be very empathic and caring to work with cancer patients. I hope that this helps.
  4. by   KatWright
    Check to see if you can do a roatation on an oncology unit during your senior year. Not only does that give you an idea about oncology, but it gives you an advantage over your peers. Also, start looking for a hospital that offers an intense fellowship or intership program in oncology. There are hospitals that take new grads and give them a wonderful orientation.
    Good luck and WELCOME
  5. by   LiznTexas
    You might want to check out Texas Children's in Houston or Children's Hospital of Austin. Both have Peds Hematology/Oncology units. Texas Children's has a BMT unit too. At either place you would get a full orientation under a preceptor. You can become chemo certified at your place of employment. Also, you can join CPON on your own and can even take a test for national certification. The opportunities for growth are endless. I work at CHOA and love it here. Good luck to you.