Oncology competencies framework

  1. Hello all,

    I have finished these competencies that are specific to oncology nurse please if you have any addition or comment it will be very informative.
    they are the following::spin:
    Management of Chemotherapy Spills
    Prevention & Management of Chemotherapy Extravasations
    Safe Administration of Chemotherapy & Disposal of Contaminated Materials
    Accessing & Flushing of Port A Cath
    Mouth Care for patient with Oral Mucositis
    Nursing Care of Patient receiving I-131 therapy
    Care of the Central Venous Catheter
    LANTIS software module (for radiation oncology nurses)
    Alaris Infusion Pump(for adminster of chemotherapy)

    And if you need any of these competencies just contact me

    thank you and my warmest regards


    Oncology clinical Educator
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  3. by   vdoming931

    Would love to review your competencies...

  4. by   ChrisF
    We are currently undergoing an update of competencies and practices. Would love to see yours.

  5. by   jazzyday
    Me Three!!!
    We are just really getting our clinic to tip-top shape/order and are still in need of some things.
  6. by   mmatlab
    Hello again
    This is my email to contact me
    just send your email to me thus I will send the comptencises as attached file but please be more specific
    Thank you

  7. by   canaankrazy
    Hellow memon24
    I have just became the nursing educator for my medical oncology unit and I was looking for some help. Could you please e-mail a copy of your compentencies on Management of chemo spills, Prevention & Management of Chemo Extravasations, Safe Administratoin, accessing & flushing ports.

  8. by   kkdrn
    I would love to look at these competencies as well.
  9. by   mgraham1
    I am working on oncology competencies for my nurses. How can I get a copy of the ones you have developed. I would greatly appreciate it.
  10. by   mgraham1
    How can I contact you to get a copy of the competencies?
  11. by   mervat
    hi memon , can u pls send it to me
  12. by   mgraham1
    I would like you to send the competencies to me at mgrahm1994@yahoo.com. Thanks.
  13. by   latremblayrn
    Hi, I am interested in getting the mouth care for patient with oral mucositis competency, would you be willing to provide that to me? Thank you!
  14. by   katmarq

    i am currently trying to sift through the ons certification book to build some basic competency check lists. i would appreciate taking a look at what you have come up with. i have had been oncology certified in the past, but now have a new position as clinical educator for multiple areas, including oncology. i would like to "do it right." i would be interested in your suggestions/help. thanks, kat