OCN Exam

  1. Taking the OCN Test next Saturday and have been preparing for months. Getting last minute jitters. Any words of wisdom? What did you use to review and or study? My CNS said that the Core Curriculum for Oncology Nursing covers it all. Thanks in advance for sharing?
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  3. by   ChemoRN
    Good luck to you!

    I will also take the exam next Saturday. Unfortunately, I have no good advice. It's my first time. Been so busy - haven't studied like I should have.

    I've heard that Core Curriculum is the way to go. There was a review course offered at my hospital that seemed helpful.

    Supposedly, there is a 98% success rate. Would really hate to be one of the 2%!!!
  4. by   Julie, RN
    How did the exam go?
    I am in the midst of slowly studying for the exam......
  5. by   ChemoRN
    I PASSED!!

    Got the results today. Very excited!!

    Good luck with your studying. Are you taking the new computerized version or the pencil and paper one?
  6. by   nanablue2
    Congratulations ChemoRN...I passed too!!! Isn't it a great feeling! I know for me it was a personal goal and I studied very hard.
    Julie,SN, I recommend the Core Curriculum for Oncology Nursing and the companion study guide to prepare. Also found the practice tests offered by ONS very helpful. I paced myself and really started reveiwing about 6 months in advance. I thought the test was pretty hard but I felt prepared. One of my colleagues who has over 5 years experience spent only 2 weeks studying and she did not pass. Just remember there is a lot of material to cover and the more practice questions you can do the better. Good luck to you. I understand the computerized test will be available in 2002. Took me about 4 hours to complete the paper/pencil version.

  7. by   ChemoRN
    Hooray for you nanablue2!!

    I really liked the practice tests too. The core curriculum was hard for me. My unit is on mandatory overtime, between that and two kids and a husband and a life - well, nothing like black and white print to put me to sleep!! It had a lot of good information in it though and is definately worth the $$

    the practice tests were wonderful. Somehow they kept my attention better. Helped to get me in the test mind set again, too.

    Definately follow nanablue2's example and study early!

    let us know how you do!
  8. by   wiegel34
    Hi ChemoRN,
    I am taking the exam in Sept. I have been studying using the practice tests and the book"Cancer nursing" is there any other tips you could give me to pass. I am deternined to pass the first time. Any hints would be appreciated. thanks in advance
  9. by   ChemoRN
    I really liked the core curriculum study guide. It had sample questions and such in it that helped me think along the right lines. So much of what I do has become second nature that I need rationales to jump start my brain.

    also, get a good review course! Your local ONS might have some info on one. Several of us who took the exam recruited a well-known speaker and organized one. The drug reps paid the bill and we charged a fair fee. Proceeds went to our nursing staff for morale booster events. (We all passed, too!!)

    Good luck!