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  1. Ok here it goes.... My grandmother was just diagnosed with squamous cell lung CA, with superior vena cava syndrome. She is in her late 70's, Grandpa died almost 5 years ago. She had an extensive HX of CHF, COPD and IDDM. Still "with it", not in any pain at this time and ambulatory with a walker. She decided she wanted to be a DNR years ago due to the nasty pneumonia she gets each year and once was required to be put on a vent. She loves life but misses grandpa terribly and is really tired and ready to go. SHe is so well adjusted to being at the end of her life... and her family whole heartily supports her. I am so blessed that we all get along on this issue and can spend time just celebrating her instead of spending her last days in battle.

    They are giving her less than 6 months max... started her on radiation treatments to help relieve the compression on her SVC. They also started her on chemo. My grandmother is with it... but not really paying attention to what is happening. The doctor informed her of her dx - but I had to sit and explain it all to her.... she didn't "hear" one word the Doc said. The oncologist was consulted and started her on the chemo (carboplatin and paclitaxel) without speaking with us first. My mother has POA and the staff has been instucted by my grandmother that I was to be kept informed along with my mother we are totally supporting her in making her own decisions... but want them to be INFORMED ones...

    I KNOW my grandmother does not comprehend the whole "picture" with chemo and I don't want her to suffer anymore than she already is going to. I know that I need to talk with the doc personally, and that we really need to get hospice involved yesterday to help with this kind of decision making. I worked on an oncology floor my first year out of school and learned a lot... but it always seems like I forget everything when it comes to family....

    Thanks for listening...
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  3. by   renerian
    Having lost two close family members to cancer and almost a 3rd one I know what your going through. It is so much to deal with. Have you talked about hospice with her?