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  1. I am currenty employed on an oncology unit-i recently took some time off close to about 3 months because i took the nclex but did not pass it. Prior to that i worked their about 2 1/2 months with a preceptor. Now that I passed the NCLEX I called my manager and told her the good news. She told me she would give me 3 days with a preceptor and I would be on my own after that! Do you guys think that is fair? I worked my first night last night and don't think I am ready to be on my own just yet!
    I with I can just start all over again fresh and new but I know I can't.
    Is it fair for me to ask for more time? Or should I just be on my own and go with the flow?
    Thanks for the input!!
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  3. by   Jolie
    Your manager either (mistakenly) believes that your prior orientation is sufficient, or is unwilling to make any additional financial investment in your training. Neither is realistic or acceptable.

    Make an appointment with her to negotiate a satisfactory plan of orientation. Do you have an orientation checklist that you can refer to in order to ID the skills and experiences you lack? I would request at least 2-4 weeks of additional time. If she is not agreeable, perhaps Human Resources could help you work out a solution.

    If you are unable to settle on a sufficient amount of orientation time, I would strongly suggest finding other employment, on another unit or in another facility. It would be terribly short-sighted of your manager and/or hospital to lose you over a few weeks of orientation, given that they have already invested a significant amount in your training. But you would be doing yourself and your patients a dis-service by accepting responsibility for professional care when your training is out-dated and insufficient.

    Best of luck to you!