myeloma transplant/BMT?

  1. Hi. I cannot believe it. Time is so fast, and I am a senior and need to apply for the first job in nursing.

    I worked on the oncology floor as a nurse extern last summer. I loved it!
    I am still working on the same floor as a clinical care assistant until graduation in May. For my leadership lotation, I chose the oncology unit in other hospital. I loved it!

    Now I have to apply for two positions in the hospital. There is opening in all of the units for new grads externs.

    I am willing to work with cancer patients. I know that I am not comfortable with mother/baby, psych, or critical care patients.

    I am going to apply for medical oncology floor where I am working now and myeloma transplant/BMT unit. However, I do not have any exeperience on the myeloma transplant/BMT unit. Would you give me some idea of what kind of floor it is? How do I need to prepare for the interview in case?


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  3. by   lilnat03
    i am a new grad who will be interviewing for a similar position with the nurse manager. i would like to know if this is a good position to start in. what sort of skills does a BMT nurse require? what are the daily responsibilities of a nurse in this position?

    would it be too career limiting to start out here? especially if i am interested in critical care?
  4. by   nursepearl
    Hey guys,
    I have been a working on an solid, hematology oncology and bmt/stem cell transplant floor for three years. We have tons of new grads. I think it is a great place to start nursing. Although my floor also get a lot of med/surg over flow if we have room, so I have gotten a lot of med/surg experience out of it.
    The nurses on our floor become chemo cert. after 6 months. A huge thing that we deal with on our floor our infections, central lines, mucositis, and GVHD after an allo-transplant (stem cells or bm from another person). Also read about stem cell and bm transplants themselves and what to expect. If you work on this floor I would suggest you read up on those things. Also, when you go in for the interview you can ask what subjects they think you should brush up on.
    You can email me if you have an specific questions.
    Good luck and take care!