My grand has prostate ca

  1. I am a student nurse and just learned that my grand dad has prostate cancer. I am just looking for info and i did not have the patience to weed thru the stuff on the net. here is what I know from his Dr"s. He had a fall which resulted in a # of the right femur which was weaken by the ca. I would like to know from any one's experience, What stage is he in, and what our family can do to make him comfortable @home. I am not a cry baby, so please give me everything, it will be valuable info that my family can put to good use. Thanks a lot, I hope i can some day return the favor. :kiss

    P.S. I am going to speak with his Dr's tomorrow, I'll share the results thanks a bunch
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  3. by   Caveman
    So sorry to hear about your grandfather. How old is he? My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer eight years ago at age 72. He'll turn 80 later this summer. He reminds me of the Energizer Bunny...just keeps going and going and going. The doctor told him that almost all men will get it if they live long enough. Hopefully your grand dad can get back on his feet and enjoy several more years of productive life. I'll keep a good thought for him.
  4. by   love4neos
    You may want to check into your local hospice programs. We have a lot of men on with prostate Ca. To be on hospice, doesn't mean you are bedridden and about to die any day. As long as he has a disease that is beyond cure, hospice can sign him on. It is a wonderful resource for pain and comfort mgmnt.
  5. by   lgoins
    What a scary thing. It doesn't matter whether you're a cry baby or not, a cancer diagnosis can make your heart sink down to the pit of your stomache.

    Prostrate cancer is very slow growing. More men die with prostate cancer than from it!!! Prognosis depends on how aggressive the tumor is and is stage. Having said that, I also need to say that prostate cancer with mets to the bone can be very painful. If your granddad has extensive mets he will need careful pain management.

    My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer 3 years ago at age 64. He's doing fine today. He did opt for brachytherapy (radiation seed implants) and oral meds (not chemo). He's a pretty busy guy & hard to keep up with.

    I am a proponent of hospice or palliative care for patients that can benefit from it. Being on hospice does not mean a patient is supposed to die in the next 6-12 months. Many patients are better managed on hospice. I have known quite a few patients that stabilized enough to go off hospice & not get readmitted for 6 months to a year.

    Who is treating your granddad? Is it a urologist or oncologist versus his primary care doc? Has the doc staged the cancer yet? It's hard to say what stage he is in without knowing what tests were done. Sometimes generalizations are made without having an complete diagnostic workup. How forthcoming is your family being? You know that messages can be filtered in unusual ways from the time the doctor gives the message until it gets to you, the family member. If your granddad does not live close by, perhaps there is a great note taker in your family. That person could be responsible for helping get the same message out to everyone. That is, if your grand dad wants the message out. The patient has always had rights, but with HIPPA the health care team is being very careful about who is given what information.

    be sure to let us know how you're doing & any other info you need.
  6. by   chae

    His dr is a urologist, he wants to remove Pop's testicles to control the mets of the ca, they suggest this method because of his age rather than meds, they ALSO feel the meds are expensive and the family won't be able to maintain the cost of meds ( est $800 per month) Pops says if they (Dr's) have to take his balls then its okay.He is still laughing and making everyone laugh. He is a good soldier. thats all for now

    P.S Igoins, he has had a bone biospy
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  7. by   Caveman
    "he wants to remove Pop's testicles."

    Anyone who can laugh in the face of THAT has courage coming out the wazoo!!! He must be quite a guy!!!
  8. by   jadednurse
    I'm so sorry to hear about your grandfather. Mine died last year at age 76...prostate CA for about 5 years...then painful and extensive bone mets. I think that once mets to the bone has occured, pain control will be a priority. I wish you and your family peace and comfort through all this.

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