Just a poem inspired by a dying patient

  1. A few weeks ago a pt who suffered with leukemia for 3 years died. She was a wonderful lady all of us came to know and to love as the weeks, months and years went on. The last week of her life was the hardest time of my career thus far. I wrote this poem the week she was dying it actually did not get finnished until she had finally gave up the fight and died. After I read it to my mom (my proof reader) she told me to share it so I am sharing here with nurses who can understand.

    Can someone please tell me
    why it is I do this job
    The pay is bad
    The hours are long
    Is this really where I belong
    Clinical skills I've had for many years
    And yet I fell so helpless
    When death's angel comes to call

    Is there a reason
    why God put me in this place
    A gentle touch a warm embrace
    Is all I have to offer
    O please Lord you must remind me
    why it is I do this job
    My mind spins with a thousand things
    I should have said or done

    And then at once as from above
    I hear an answer
    As it is etched upon my heart
    I do remember now Lord
    why I do this job
    A gentle touch a warm embrace
    Maybe all I have to offer

    But in the end when all is done
    When death's angel come to call
    I know that You have helped me lead them
    To the greatest of your rewards
    The everlasting peace of heaven
    To be with our most precious Lord.

    Jut obeying mom's orders and sharing.
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  3. by   ShannonB25
    Wow, I just read your poem and got chills from it. That was really beautiful. Thank you for sharing it -thank Mom too

    "The highest reward for man's toil is not what he gets for it, but what he becomes by it."-Johan Ruskin
  4. by   beckymcrn
    Thank you for reading it.

  5. by   Jenny P
    This is a lovely poem. It expresses a lot of feelings that we've probably all had when dealing with caring for someone who is dying that we have become attached to. Thank you.
  6. by   coolnurse21
    Thank you for sharing this poem. I also work on an Oncology floor and often times feel the same way. Why do I work here, have I helped anyone. But I love my job!
    Thank you for your thoughts.
  7. by   beckymcrn
    Thank you for reading my poem. It is nice to know there are others out there who feel like I do. Even though I have to face these kinds of questions almost every day I work I do have to say I love my job.