IV sights for non-vessicants/non-irritants

  1. Looking for feedback from experienced oncology nurses... Is it ok to use the AC or hand for drugs like Rituxan, Herceptin, Velcade?
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  3. by   rn undisclosed name
    Why wouldn't it be ok? I've never heard of that. As long as it is a good iv site it can be used. You don't always have the choice of which iv site you want to use. Sometimes you have to go with what you can get.
  4. by   iluvivt
    If possible you should really avoid the use of the ACF..these sites really need to be preserved for blood draws and infiltrations/extravasations are much more difficult to detect in these areas. Many nurses are under the impression that ACF sites are great...if you have to use them..just re-site as soon as you can and/or get a PICC or other CVC. Complications are also increased in the ACF b/c it is in an area of flexion. Hand sites are easy to see an infiltrate but b/c there is hardly any tissue there they are often worse if not caught early. The veins in the FA with good supporting tissue are the best. I can tell you that about 50 percent of the lawsuits related to IV Therapy are b/c of nerve injuries and the worst location is the wrist and volar wrist area..so avoid these..if you do see that accessory cephalic at the wrist...go distal to it in the hand or follow it up the FA and get it proximal to the wrist. Yes its an art and one that takes patience...so apply warm packs and take the extra time to get a good site and secure it well.