Info on lung Ca, Please?

  1. Could someone explain what "cavitating bronchiogenic carcinoma" (sp?) is? Any and all information is appreciated. Thanks.
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  3. by   aimeee
    Not sure what you are looking for here but here's a picture I found of a cavitating squamous cell carcinoma to give you an idea what is meant by cavitating:

    This page talks about bronchogenic carcinoma in general:

    Just curious about why you are looking for info...hope its not a family member with this.
  4. by   a/ox3RN
    thanks aimee. yes i had a couple abnormal tests and this was thought to be a possible dx.
  5. by   aimeee
    Abnormal tests...always hard during that difficult period of wondering just what it is that is going on. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
  6. by   misti_z
    Did you get the info I posted in General Discussion?
  7. by   a/ox3RN
    thanks all, especially aimee. i am a nurse, but i never heard of a cavitating type of tumor before my internet search. (looks like a stage IV decub--and looks like it must smell real bad too).
    i went to the pulmo doc and he did the intake exam, told me he didn't know what i had, scheduled me for a pet scan, and went on vacation.
    gee thanks doc.
    someone suggested that it was kinda unethical for him to make me wait like this on a possible ca dx. what do you think? i'm getting a tad antsy and it's only been a couple days since the pet scan.
    any suggestions?
    i think if i don't get an answer by thursday, i'll try for a second opinion.
  8. by   a/ox3RN
    i just met this dr. never saw him in our hospital before. he looks like richard dreyfus.
    actually told me i don't look sick. i told him i had a cxr and a ct scan in the other room that said different.
    then i wondered why i felt like i had to prove something was wrong with an obviously abnormal xray and a referral from my pcp.

    so i decided i will have answers by the end of this week, or else.
  9. by   Kayzee
    a/ox3RN, I'll say a prayer for you. Hope things aren't serious. keep us imformed. My younger sis died of lung CA 2 years ago, but I have never heard of this. Take care.
  10. by   aimeee
    Unethical? I don't know...but its certainly inconsiderate. Why should you have to wait this long? I'm sure whoever is covering for him could provide you with the results. You'll want a second opinion regardless, so why not get started on it now?
  11. by   a/ox3RN
    i just had the PET scan on friday so i wanted to make sure that when i called, they'd have the results. and hopefully a dx. i feel like if i called and they put me off again, i'd be mad. so i'm trying to keep my distance and my cool.
    thanks for your support; it really helps me to know that i can talk to someone.
  12. by   aimeee
    Anytime. :kiss
  13. by   a/ox3RN
    oh shyt. the pet scan showed active lesions.
  14. by   aimeee
    Continued thoughts and prayers for you. Did they discuss just exactly what the implications of that are? What is the next step for you?