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  1. Hello fellow Oncology Nurses....
    A few weeks ago I was surfing the net and stumbled upon a site that had some free resources.
    Anyways, I requested a copy of the "LIVE LONGER, LIVE LARGER" - "A Holistic Approach for Cancer Pateints and Families" by: Drs Bill and Susan Buchholz (for free). The publisher is O'reilly.
    I just got it in the mail today, and to my surprise it is a very nice book (389 pages).
    I cannot remember where the site is, but maybe you can search the above info and come up with something (if your interested).
    It is under the topic of "Patient-Centered Guides.

    Hope it's helpful,
    Julie M., RN
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  3. by   sleepy_violin
    well i found the authors website. it is not for free though. they are selling it for you are lucky you got it for free. the website i found it is
    i hope this helps...
  4. by   Julie, RN
    WOW! 24.95....
    Sure wish I could remember what site I got mine from.
    If I do, I'll post it right away.
  5. by   aimeee
    Here's the registration page for the free copy:

    free book

    and here is the main site:
  6. by   aimeee
    Wanted to say thanks again to Julie for passing along that info. I received my book this week and I am finding that there are some nice gems here and there within it.

    Here's one passage that I liked:

    "There is a difference between the way you fight against death (or disease) and the way you fight for life. When you fight for your life, you choose strategies that make your life safer, better, longer or larger. Fighting against death, you may concentrate only on the disease and diminish your life as well as decrease the disease. Thus you may lose your life twice; once during treatment and another time when you die."