duties for radiology oncology rn

  1. I started to post this under radiology but it said that there were no postings for the lst 30 days and I didn't think many would see it.

    Just wondering what the duties are for an RN who is working in radiation oncology.

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  3. by   renerian
    I worked hem/onc/bmt and rotated to hem/onc and radiation oncology clinic. We did lots of teaching about skin care with the new markings they would have, how to care for skin, what to expect with radiation as far as hitting not only the intended area but the surrounding areas, dietary things were discussed alot, worked very closely with the hem/onc floor and nurses. We also went to see the clients if they were admiitted to the unit and sometimes rounded with the radiation oncology docs. Lots of phone triage. Super job. I loved rotating there. Once a week we had a team meeting which helped coordinate the different services. Does that help?