Calling All Oncology Nurses: Questions about Esophageal Cancer

  1. Hey everyone I am needing some information about esophageal cancer. Here is a little background information. I am a student nurse about to start my second semester of school. I haven't had any teaching in regard to oncology and cancer treatment. Recently one of my family members has been diagnosed with esophageal cancer. She is 80 years old, is 5'9" and weighs around 100-115 lbs. She has been losing her appetite and has possibly lost additional weight. The doctors have discussed possible insertion of a PEG tube. She also quit smoking over twenty years ago. I have a friend who is an oncology nurse and he told me it was a rarer form of cancer and he had not seen it very often. He also told me it was usually related to smoking. He also mentioned something about chronic GERD being a related factor. Our family has been asking me and my mom(also a nurse, but specializing in critical care/cardiac) about esophageal cancer and I have not had time to research it further.

    What I really want to know is what the survival rate, quality of life for someone diagnosed with it, and whether it chemo and/or radiation would be helpful or hurtful for the situation. Any information would be helpful.
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    I'm so sorry but we can't provide medical advice. These are very specific questions and ones that need to be addressed with the provider as they can vary tremendously.