adenosquamous lung Ca

  1. I am not asking for medical advice here...just a better understanding, and apparently this particular type of tumor is so rare that there is not much info to be found.

    I have a family member recently dagnosed with the above, 34 y/o female, previously excellent health and physical condition, with no obvious risk factors save for some secondhand smoke exposure as a child. We just learned that there are bone mets which places her at a stage IV.

    I know that the prognosis sucks. She is to be evaluated next week at MD Anderson for what I am assuming at this point will be palliative chemo.

    What I am looking for is maybe someone who knows about or who has experience with this type of your experience is it aggressive? In my preliminary searches I am finding conflicting info in the literature, but then again it seems to be so rare there is not much data. More than anything I am haunted with wondering whether this has been there for some time or whether it advanced quickly.

    Again, I am not asking for medical advice, just anecdotal experience if you have any.
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    lung cancer - findings from the united states, belgium and poland ...

    lung cancer

    thanks for help them find info. hoping your relative finds a caring and helpful phisican who will wisely guide her.